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Kureno Sohma is the Rooster of the Zodiac. He's 26. Like Hatori, he does not like others to see his animal form. He's the first Sohma to have his curse lifted. He doesn't know how and why.

He is Akito's secretary and constant companion after Yuki. Akito likes to keep him away from the other members of the Zodiac.

When he went to a convenience store, for the first time at the age of 26, he met Arisa. She developed a crush on him, but he stays away from her because he feels it is better if he does not love her back. Unfortunately, he only appears in the manga.

He was described by Arisa to Hanajima's curiosity as a "male-version of Tohru" with his over-the-top politeness and scatterbrained idiosyncrasies. Kureno seems to be described as "broken-in" by some members of the Sohma family.


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The Blog of Kureno Sohma...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Akito-sama has woken up.


This morning, after waking up in the hospital room, I found Akito-sama seated on her bed. I rubbed my eyes to see if I was seeing things, but it was really Akito-sama seated on the bed! She's okay!

"Akito-sama!" I cheered and went over to her bed quickly! "... Akito-sama?" she just looked at me. "Good morning." Akito-sama didn't say anything. I kept talking to her, but Akito-sama simply didn't speak. She just stared at me. I pressed the button to call the nurse. Eventually, Hatori-san checked up on us.

Until now, Akito-sama is not talking. Hatori-san looked real baffled and I've never seen him puzzled like this. What's going on?

mesmerized at 8:18 PM

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

she's sleeping right now...

I was with Akito-sama. It wasn't anything like the usual. It was quick. It was silent. In a second, while walking in the garden, Akito-sama fell to the ground and without a breath. I tried to wake her up but she wouldn't respond to anything. I called the ambulance and called Kureno-san that afternoon. Akito-sama was telling me how it was a bit cold and then she just collapsed. Akito-sama didn't groan, she didn't complain of any pain. Both of us were talking about the weather and when I heard a thud, I turned around and she was laid on the pavement. What's happening?

We brought Akito-sama to the emergency room. And she spent a few hours inside. Afterwards, they admitted Akito-sama to the room 210. She is still unconscious, but she's breathing. I was glad to see Hatori-san in the hospital at that time, because I was all by myself. It felt daunting, but I had to be there. Hatori-san said that it's still a mystery why Akito-sama is still unconscious.

"Comatose?" I heard one nurse as she left our room. I just pray that it isn't Akito-sama's time yet.

I should be thinking positive right now. I should be hopeful. But it's so hard. I don't know what to do. I don't know how to ease her situation. I'm all by myself in this dark room. No one knows what's happening. Hatori-san told me not to spread the news yet. I held Akito-sama's hand and I sobbed as her hand felt lifeless. My grip became tighter. I don't know for how long I'll be able to hold on.

mesmerized at 1:06 AM

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I'll walk with you

Uo-chan seemed out of it when I happened to pass by the convenience store. It was pretty late. I wonder what happened. I offered to walk her home and I did. She didn't say any word while we were walking back. I, on the other hand, kept saying how beautiful the sky was tonight. How dumb of me. Well... I really didn't know what to say. She looked really depressed and I just came back. Akito-sama was really worried, but I told her that I just ran some errands. Anyway, I think Uo-chan's dad saw me. I just bowed. No, her dad looked really worried too. Maybe she's bothered by something? I'm just glad that Akito-sama looks okay now.

mesmerized at 12:24 AM

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

is Akito-sama searching for something?

Akito-sama didn't go out of her room today. She looked so happy during the past few days. I'm worried. I don't know what happened. The last time I heard her voice is when I asked her to come join us for lunch. I kept waiting for her and it turned out that I just left the food at the door.

I could hear some rustling sounds inside the room. I dared not to enter. I had her strict order not to come inside, so as much as it pained me, I couldn't turn the knob. It wasn't locked, but I just didn't want to enter.

At 8pm, it seemed like things have calmed down. But I saw her food, her lunch, untouched. I knocked on the door to see if she's okay. I said that dinner's ready, and I heard her say she's not hungry.

"Well, if you change your mind, Akito-sama, I'll leave your dinner here." and then I put her dinner at the door.

Around 9pm I checked up on her again. And the food's untouched. I had no choice this time and I couldn't care less about the punishment on the other end, so I opened the door quietly. Her room's totally wrecked and Akito-sama was sound asleep. I'm really worried now.

mesmerized at 9:42 PM

Friday, April 08, 2011

your existence and mine

I couldn't sleep. Akito-sama has been making me worry because of her suicidal tendencies. Why does she exist? She always ask me this question.

Life is a constant battle. We can't ever deny the fact that our existence is full of uncertainties since we don't know what the future holds. Existence is hard to define in connection to the purpose of why we exist in the world.

People try to judge us in the way they want without even knowing the real "us". And sometimes we listen to them. That's the problem. What do they know if they don't even know the real us? Thus we take their incorrect judgement to heart.

When times of troubles, sadness, frustration or disappointments we can not find the value of our life and eventually it brings us to the stage of question and confusions. There are numerous factors that affect our behavior and thinking. People, culture and environment are but some that influence us on our view of life and how we live. We find our life meaningless because we become so pessimistic onto the things happening to us. We forget of the good things that DID happen.

We know it has been a very hard struggle. We're always fighting the perplexities that life brings us. But what is important is that we should see that every thing has a purpose. Everything happens for a reason. When something good happens, rejoice; if it's not, learn from it how to be strong and how to make it beneficial.

We live not only for ourselves, we live for the people who dear to us as well. We live for our future generation, and for the future in general. If you can't find your value, try to see the people who love you and appreciate your existence.

Pray to God and you'll know the value.

mesmerized at 5:14 AM

Saturday, January 15, 2011

what I'm dying to say

My heart wouldn't let me rest. Your delicate beauty makes me wonder through the night. Tossing and tumbling, with eyes closed, still you're all I can see. Everytime we're together, I feel like staying this way forever. I can't believe I'm having this overwhelming feeling for you.

Hide your wings forever and be with me. Brush aside the rarest flower or the deepest diamond that can be found, I can't comprehend my desire of you. How this heart cries out, I can't be tamed; You give me strength. I need you here before this moment comes to pass.

Tell me what's your secret. Why am I feeling this way? Show me the spell you've cast upon me and cast it again. Beloved, listen to my plea. Because it's you that all I want to see.

mesmerized at 1:45 PM

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

absorbing life

Summer's here. I went to the park and I just laid flat on the grass. There was hardly anyone at the park and it seemed odd. Normally, lots of people would lay with me while bathing in the sun. I didn't bathe on the sun, to be honest. I was just looking for some peace and relaxation, which is why I'm quite happy that there was no one at the park. And the warmth of the sun was just right. It made me sleep.
"What're you doing?"

"E- ehh? Oh... I must've dozed off." it was Isuzu-san. "I was just resting."

"Ehh... you can sleep out here? You must be really tired."

"No. Not at all." I said.
Isuzu-san said that she wanted to try the swing. I helped her. Then I started rambling how the swing resembled life. Sometimes you're at the top, sometimes, you're at the middle; but when in fact that's when you're readying yourself for another push to go at the top. You never hit the bottom. And it's over when you say it's over cause you decided to get off the swing.
"Heh... are you feeling okay, Kureno-san?" laughed Isuzu-san.

"I'm not sure." I laughed too.

mesmerized at 7:10 PM